In the midst of the pandemic the Ogden Downtown Alliance was concerned about the loss of the local creative economy. No live events meant no live music, no performances, no theater productions and the list goes on. While phrases like PPP and stimilus funds were floating around, were artists and art organizations recieving the money they needed? 

At the end of 2020, the Ogden Downtown Alliance had a unique opportunity and reached out with an idea for a way to support Nurture the Creative Mind. We could bolster local artists and support local businesses while answering back to our overarching mission to “create and promote a dynamic epicenter for arts, entertainment and cultural experiences in Ogden’s downtown.” Together we conceived of this idea for an NCM Creative Academy that would allow young students and nontraditional students to gain real world training and experience in digital media at no cost to the student or their family. This real world training would play out in arts-fueled marketing for downtown businesses and the downtown area overall – a win win.

Step One was to establish a media arts education center. Step Two would be a series of marketing content that featured and promoted local artists, pride in our community and the essentials of supporting local.

You’ve seen this content as part of our Shop Ogden campaign and you’ve seen it across social media (Josaleigh Pollett “fodder “) (Christian Scheller “Undoubtedly Me”) supporting local performing artists and musicians.

The Creative Academy is officially operating and the first batch of students are well on their way. We are so excited to share the content coming as part of Step Two AND we are looking forward to expanding the Academy with additional students in 2022 and beyond. But NCM needs financial support to keep the Academy running.How can you support? While the initial grant funding facilitated through the Ogden Downtown Alliance was able to get the program established for a single year, a building year, NCM is looking for partners to make this an ongoing program through Nurture the Creative Mind. 

Give directly to the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation using the button below.